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(14114-W.Farm) Fresh Medium Leg 1/4 Quater
(14114-W.Farm) Fresh Medium Leg 1/4 Quater


(14114-W.Farm) Fresh Medium Leg 1/4 Quater

Unit: 40LB/CS

*Full name: Fresh ¼ Chicken Leg Quarter small
*Brands: Wayne Farm
*Product Code: 14114
*Average weight per Case: Total weight is 40 pounds Bulk CVP
*Average pieces per Case: Approximately 45 to 80 pieces per case
*Basic description:
- Inspected by USDA and packaged under strict and sanitary conditions in accordance with current good manufacturing practices.
- Product complies with all applicable provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended.
- Product shall not show signs of dehydration, decomposition, or off odors
-All-Natural: minimally processed with no artificial ingredients
- Cook thoroughly according to preparation for raw poultry
-Storage Recommendation: Product stored between 28–36 F.
-Product pack date: printed on case-end labels in MM/DD/YY format